I was tidying up around the Japanese bridges today and thinking about a recent poetry lecture, wondering if a Japanese Limerick might be called a Kyoto? Limericks have 5 lines with their own rhyming rules, AABBA; could the Japanese Haiku be considered the equivalent?  A Haiku has three lines with 17 syllables allocated 5, 7, 5, and whereas a limerick is mostly comic, sometimes rude, a Haiku can be non-rhyming, and by tradition is a condensed and hopefully profound comment on nature.  Thought I would have a go.



Dandelion Clock

Puffing will tell you the time 

And distribute seeds



Water lilies glow

Pink blooms on waterproof rafts

Summertime is here



I’m hitchin’ a ride 

The view from here is just great

Eiderdown Heaven



Monarch of the Glen

Bearing souls to Paradise

Tir N’an Og attained



Lake water rippling

Autumn leaf-turn reflecting

Winter heralding



I did my best, but

Composing is not easy,

Until the next time,


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