Charlie is back.  No, not the 1660 Restoration of the Monarchy –  our own Charlie the Cheetah has been repaired by Brian Bennet of Cliveden Conservation, just one of the Refurbishment, Renovation and Replanting tasks carried out recently.   You can see what a good job Brian has done with our big cat by the before and after pictures below.


Other work has been going on as well.   Lindsay of Mansion Landscapes has been working in the Spanish Garden restoring  the broken tiles and steps, and using the original lime recipe for infilling between the stones.


As well as all the repair work, the gardeners are hard at work putting in new species.  At the far end of the lake visitors will be noticed the arrival of fencing around the rockery area.  This is to guard new planting that will concentrate on South African species, so something colourful to look forward to there.


And we’ve had to say a sad goodbye to an old friend, the ash tree beside the lake.   Dying off and becoming a hazard, the decision was made to fell it.  However, we have a new seat – perfect for selfies!


On the other side of the lake a new tree has arrived,


This is a Planera Aquatica or water elm.  Native to North America, it will tolerate damp or boggy areas which means it will feel quite at home beside the lake.  The twigs are brown and hairy with tiny white flowers in Spring and interesting irregular shaped nuts.  It will grow to about 15 metres tall.


And finally, the red tulips have gone from the Shamrock Garden and the Tuesday gang, Fiona, Celia and Alison, were busy last week planting salvias and begonias, all in the Red Hand’s signature scarlet.





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