At our property update meeting last week it was lovely to hear how well our various events had gone throughout the season and to learn about more exciting days to come leading up through Christmas, and the spring and summer months next year.  As this is the last blog of this season I thought I would leave you with some of our lovely autumnal colours.

Come and see us – the gardens are still amazing and the mild weather has helped some of our more tender plants to stay in bloom

12    The Sunk Garden is still a riot of colour and the misty sunshine this morning gave it a really seasonal air.


An evergreen climber from Chile that is an old hand in the garden has flowered early, its little purple and white blossoms peeping out between luxuriant hanging tendrils.  Don’t think it will be quite warm enough to produce the sausage-like fruits that are such a delicacy in Chile, but we keep hoping!   It’s a Lardizabala biternata or Zabala Fruit and is listed by Lady  Edith in the 1956 edition of the garden guidebook so has been growing on the pergola for at least sixty years.  Find it at the north west corner.   Much admired by the keen gardeners who attended the recent Burma Fundraiser.

4     We have lots of colourful fungi too at this time of year, how about these for a tasty omelette?  Perhaps not, as I am sure  you are aware what looks like something edible may be poisonous, so best be on the safe side and buy mushrooms from your local costermonger.

Some plants are edible.  These nasturtiums look great in a salad, both peppery leaves and flowers, and the asters would look great in a vase on the table.  These make a great show under the yew trees in the Italian Garden.


The Pergola looked so nice today in the sunshine I couldn’t resist taking yet another photo.

The Lake is just gorgeous at the moment, take your camera and have a walk around.


Up by Tir Nan Og there is still plenty to see too.  Have a look at this rather special Schima Khasiana from China, a member of the tea family, still in bloom.   One of my favourites, I call it the fried egg plant.


Really sorry to say another season has come to an end. My thanks to Lindsay and Lauren for their help in posting the blogs, and to our (award winning) gardening team who exhibit great patience in answering my many questions.  So, time to wrap up and take a break.   As you can see from this skelfie, I’ve been working my fingers to the bone.




One thought on “GARDEN OF EDITH

  1. Well done Ellen for an excellent year of blogging. I’ve enjoyed all your contributions and learnt a lot. Keep up the good work!

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