Our gardeners, as well as being able to operate a trowel, spade or bamboo cane, also have to be able to cope with lots of different machinery.

This is Jonny, aloft in the cherry picker, tackling the ramblers enveloping  the Chapel  windows.

Earlier in the year a Tuesday gang tackled weeds at the north front of the house, tidying up outside the visitors’ entrance. They were pretty good with gloves and a bucket.

The Sunk Garden has had a good trim all round the hedges and they now look lovely and neat, how does Stuart get those edges so straight?

Our topiary figures need a good trim from time to time.  Rachael does a little fine tuning with her nail scissors and you can see the difference below between before and after.

A Manley went to mow, in this instance Michael, who does a great job keeping those stripes straight in the Sunk Garden.


The garden is looking very tidy at the moment, so well done to everyone.    And huge congratulations to all who gained their LANTRA tractor driving certificates a couple of weeks ago.   Report and photo from the County Down Spectator.



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