Land of Smiles

The other day I was asked a most difficult question – where is your favourite photo spot in the gardens? With so many corners to choose from I couldn’t narrow it down to one, but here are a few taken with my little point and shoot, what are yours?


My favourite angle looking over the lake toward the sunny slopes of Tir n’an Òg, taken just as the New Zealand Christmas Tree was coming into bloom. You can see the scarlet reflection on the water.


The water lilies at the jetty make a really nice picture. If you want wildlife, a few slices of Hovis ‘Best of Both’ will entice the ducks.


Our gardeners make a expert job of trimming the topiary. The figures can make a dramatic contrast against a hopefully blue sky.


Our monarch of the glen appears ghostly white against the trees behind.


Fluffy ducklings always win photo contests. This little brood posed especially for me, while Mum keeps a wary eye.


A view from inside the summerhouse frames the Spanish Garden and mansion house.


The view from the Temple of the Winds reaches as far as the Londonderry Monument atop Scrabo Hill and, with luck, you may catch the Mourne Mountains on a good day.

So, bring your camera, add a friend or two, say ‘cheese’ and capture a happy memory for the family album.



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