Liquid Sunshine

The poet Longfellow’s observation that into each life some rain must fall has been proved only too true of late. OK, it has been a bit wet, but it keeps us green and saves Lisa getting out the sprinklers for the Italian Garden. And there is a certain beauty about looking at our plants after a good shower. Even the lawns smell fresher, colours are enhanced and we have a rainbow of flowers. See if you agree.


A standard fuschia dripping after a downpour, but don’t the colours stand out?


Lilies lapping up the moisture – their scent is enhanced after a dowsing.


Our tropical looking Melianthus Major shrub’s serrated leaves are washed clean of dust by raindrops. Find one on the Dodo Terrace and another at the Sundial, both of which are growing on well after being pruned earlier in the year. As well as being nicknamed honeybush it is sometimes called the peanut butter bush, so called because if you rub the leaves you may get the aroma of your lunchtime sarnie.


The Callistemons’ fuzzy flowerheads are like little wet brushes. Although they prefer sunny sheltered locations and will tolerate short periods of drought, they obviously appreciate a nice cool drink now and again.


This reminds me of The Magic Inkpot, and Lady Edith’s story of Mary and Robin visiting Tir-Fo-Tonn, an enchanted undersea world, where they had a picnic.  ‘….the table-cloth became like a spider’s web… and the food became drops of honey hanging from all the flowers, so that the air was laden with honey-scented fragrance.’


Congratulations and endless admiration are due to our gardeners who tolerate the worst of the weather because the work has to go on. They just break out the wet gear and wellies and keep going.



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