Not to be Sneezed At

The gardeners are planting like mad at the moment and the Italian Garden and the Sunk Garden beds are as full as a Chelsea Show Garden. Look out for blue plumbago and standard scarlet geraniums amongst others – this is going to be one colourful summer season!

But, while we wait, some of our most interesting plants are in flower just now. A favourite of our visitors is the Handkerchief Tree, the first one is in full bract at the moment on the Drive.


And a close-up…..


Davidia involucrata was named after French priest and naturalist Father Armand David who was also the first westerner to describe the giant panda, ‘a most excellent black and white bear’.


Echium pininana, or giant viper’s-bugloss, from the Canary Islands – see lots of these statuesque flower spikes along the approach path to the house and in the Lily Wood. NB: The viper’s bugloss (Hadena irregularis), a noctuid moth in the tribe Hadenini, whose caterpillar feeds on viper’s bugloss and related plants – thank you Wikipedia!


Many visitors are fans of the beautiful blue poppy, Meconopsis, blooming just now in the Lily Wood.


The Mexican Orange Blossom Choisya ternata shrubs are scenting the air at the north front of the house.


Our stunning Aeonium Voodoo plant, a native of the Canary Islands, stands guard in the Courtyard, with its yellow pyramidal panicles of flowers growing high on the stem.



3 thoughts on “Not to be Sneezed At

  1. We had a lovely walk through the woodlands today and saw the most beautiful delicate tall plant with wheels of pink/purple flowers. They were all over the woodland. Can you tell me its name please. We looked at the plants for sale but it wasn’t there. Thank you.

  2. Yes, I’ve just searched. It is the Primula Candelabra. Many thanks. I’ll be looking for some for my garden next year.

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