The Friday Gang (three quarters of)


If you want to see people who are happy in their work, visit the Spanish Garden on a Friday morning. Here you will find The Friday Gang, ie Joe, Wendy, and Heather here in the photo, minus Joan who is extra smiley at the moment as she is on her hols. The system of giving groups of volunteers specific responsibility for a certain area of the garden means that they can keep an eye on the development of the plants under their care, they feel a sense of ownership, and they get to know the conditions really well. You can see Joe is really keen as he insisted on holding onto his bucket. Favourite shrubs are the wisteria, the Grevillea, and the daisy-like Feverfew.

2 3 4

The Friday Gang have another reason to smile – on a rainy day they have the Pavilion to run to and shelter in, even though they are sharing it at the moment with mummy and daddy house martins who have built their nest under the eaves.


Other new critters to arrive are the Golden Orfes, goldfish to you and me, difficult to photograph under water without a special filter and living up to their name as no sooner did I aim the camera than they scooted orfe to hide under another lily pad! Perhaps they thought I was Henry the Heron coming to look for his lunch.



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