Tuesday Bluesday

Yesterday I decided to find as many blue things in the garden as I could. So here you are!

First, to set the scene, Pride of Madeira floral spikes in the terrace below the house.


Next, the tiles in the Spanish Garden Summerhouse. Sourced from Jerusalem and showing a porcelain aviary of birds, with lots of blue accents. We believe the maker is still in business and why not? Who wouldn’t love these?


Then a blue gum tree, here’s the label, look for it when you are in the Shamrock Garden.


Into the Lily Wood to see our beautiful Meconopsis, just look at that lovely shade of blue with yellow centres.


Drawing lots of visitors’ attention this week is the most vivid shade of the delphiniums bursting out in the Sunk Garden, just singing against the green lawns, you can spot them immediately you go onto the terrace.


And of course our blue bordered information board telling you where to find what is currently in bloom.




2 thoughts on “Tuesday Bluesday

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