Wot’s that plant?

One of my regular requests is from visitors asking for help to decipher the map of the gardens; they seem to get mixed up with all our ‘fronts’, north, south and west!! I tell them it is an Irish thing and they believe me. But I must say the new signage around the grounds have made a great difference to finding your way around. They look neat and unobtrusive and the little symbols are helpful for those who don’t read English.  signs

Regarding information generally, a complaint from very keen gardeners is the lack of tags on plants but we have postcards which tell them how to send in a photo or description so that we can correctly identify the plant for them. (It’s best to send the photo as ‘sort of blue with green leaves?’ doesn’t quite cover it.)

Our information blackboard in the courtyard points you toward what to look for that week with a photograph of whatever is currently in flower. And our volunteer gardeners are always willing to answer questions – it’s a welcome break from all that bending!

pink flowers

Over the last couple of weeks the azaleas have been outstanding in colour and sending visitors off to a recommended photo spot always gets a big thank you. I never tire of the maples fringing the lake, and Tir N’an Og peeping out like a Sleeping Beauty Castle overlooking the scene.




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