Time’s a ticking!

‘Serene I stand among the flowers and only count life’s sunny hours……..’, a quote from our sundial, number 3608 on the County Down sundial trail, (it was news to me too), but very apt today as the sun shone and everyone’s mood was sunny.


The history of sundials dates back as far as you can go. Everyone used to be their own sundial – you were told to come home when your shadow stretched ten feet. Don’t know quite what happened on a rainy day, maybe you didn’t go out in case you were late home for dinner.

In Taipei there is a very modern version, the Taipei 101 building, half a kilometer high, that casts its shadow across an adjoining park which is marked out like a clock for the afternoon hours. So if you are on the 99th floor you just look out of the window and see if it is time to finish work.

Go and have a look at our traditional dial just outside the Sunk Garden, it is lovely, even when it rains!



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