If only I had smell-o-vision!

Ellen, another volunteer in the Garden team will be taking over the blog for a while until Jill is able to write her posts again. I hope you’ll enjoy Ellen’s blog posts as much as we do!

What a lovely day today in the gardens at Mount Stewart! The sun was shining, the birds were singing and our brilliant gardening volunteers were digging away like mad.

Our Lake area is so pretty I can’t stop taking photographs. The little bridges near the pagoda and the stream are particularly nice in springtime with bluebells and primulas, I just wish I could have smell-o-vision and the sound of tinkling water on the photos. I can’t wait for our water lilies to come into flower this summer. They make the area around the jetty so photogenic. The intense blue of the hydrangeas in this area always intrigue our visitors too and the cameras are busily snapping, trying to get the best shot.


Every year I marvel at how the gunneras start off as tiny plants and then grow into these enormous prehistoric looking umbrellas. You can just imagine our stegosaurus hiding amongst them, must check on him the next time I’m down at the Dodo Terrace.

Oh, I see he is still there, but I wonder about that smile on his face…..




One thought on “If only I had smell-o-vision!

  1. I was there on Sunday and could not believe how a lot of things had grown and how green everything was. Has only been about 3 weeks since I was there. Only live about 15minutes away so a regular visitor. Love Mt Stewart.

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