Look a little closer

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Zauschneria californica Glasnevin (c) Jill Russell

After Fergus Garrett’s talk at the seminar last weekend we had a more careful look at the combinations of colour in Mount Stewart. There is a delightful example in a small bed on the corner of the pergola at the Sunk Garden and the Lily Wood. The orange Zauschneria californica Glasnevin beautifully picks out the orange tips on the leaves of the green aeonium. The orange of the taller Alansoa ‘The Rebel’ (behind the aeonium) brings the eye upwards towards the orange of the Cuphea at the back. There are spikes, rounds, colours and shapes to bring the eye around the bed.

This nerdy eye swiveling wasn’t all we did today in the Lily Wood. Six of us did a summer clear out of about five beds, dead heading, cutting back, weeding and general tarting up. This is a perfect day to be working in the Lily Wood, sunny, warm with a strong breeze to dry out the usual damp wet grass and lunch sitting in the sun. What a job we have.



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