Wednesday 22 January 2014

Beam being replaced on pergola at Sunk Garden (c) Jill Russell

Beam being replaced on pergola at Sunk Garden

About 40% of the beams are being replaced on the pergola. It is thought that this Douglas Fir pergola was originally erected in the late 1970s and the same wood is now being used to replace. A hoist, like a manual fork-lift, is being used to lift the beam off and replace with new one. It is a very time-consuming, heavy job and will take about two weeks to finish. The new wood contrasts with the old but it won’t take long to blend in when it weathers a bit and the climbers cover it.

All the climbers are being untied, pruned and tied up again. This might have been done a bit later but it made sense to do everything at the same time.

Working in the nursery dividing and potting on hundreds of festuca ovina glauca (blue grass, originally potted on from plugs). Then we worked outside in the sun cutting back and cleaning up Aquilegia longissima, which had been grown from seed, cutting back Helleborus orientalis down to the new growth, and the same with Lathyrus vernus (everlasting sweet pea). We had lunch in the sun and got a bit of a tan without the hassle of airports and flights. January in beautiful Mount Stewart, working with plants and lunching in the sun, plus a tan. What about that then?



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