Back to work!

Wednesday 4 September 2013

The Wednesday team working on one of the cut flower beds

The Wednesday team working on one of the cut flower beds

It is great to be back working after a few months off. I missed the work and made up for it today.

A new project has been started at the nursery. There is an area of about 2 acres beside the glass houses, polytunnels and potting sheds. The area along the wall (right top corner) is going to be a nursery bed tor young Rhododendrons that have been propagated from seed or layers. Currently they are trying to lower the ph to ensure good growth. Plants in this area will be lined out and grown on for about 3 years.

Four beds like the one in the photo have been prepared and are going to be used for herbaceous plants for the formal gardens and cut flowers for the House, Reception and Events. Plants already planted are – Dianthus, Agapanthus, Heleniums, Delphiniums, Lupins and Ammi Majus. All these have been grown from seed in the greenhouse. Future plans are to plant out stock plants for production of cuttings and layers. There will also be a small area for growing on trees for planting out. Still lots of space for more ideas.

All the beds have been well composted so, as you can see from the photo, the weeds are thriving as well as the plants. It took six of us to weed one and a half beds, so only two and a half to go. As volunteer Wilf said, the volunteers will sort it.



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