Re-turfing in the Italian Garden

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Italian Garden - Removing all the turf.

Italian Garden – Removing all the turf.

When I heard the plans for the complete re-turfing of the Italian Garden I was expecting a very disrupted garden. But as you can see everything was done very neatly with the minimum of disruption. It is such a big job that an external contractor, Sam Thompson, was brought in. All the turf has now been removed and stacked away for compost and most of the ground has been levelled. Drains have been put in with soak-aways going into the Peace Garden and the Lily Wood and on down to the stream. Pop-up sprinklers have been put in as the grass can get very dry with so many visitors. So come torrential rain or scorching sun the Italian Garden will be well covered.

It is going to take about two weeks to lay all the turf, all 2,800 sq metres of it. When it is finished it will be rolled, after a few days, to smooth out any bumps in the ground. Knowing Sam there won’t be a single bump to smooth out. It will take three to four weeks to settle and for the roots to take before visitors will be able to walk around. It is fascinating to watch experts at work and visitors can see what is going on from the Dodo Terrace, the Spanish Garden and the Lily Wood. Well worth a wander around.

Rhododendron ‘Shilsonii Group’

Rhododendron ‘Shilsonii Group’

After work I took a walk around the lake and spotted this rhododendron shimmering in the sun.



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