Working in a winter wonderland

Wednesday 12 December 2012

This chaffinch just came and posed for me

Great to be back after four weeks off. So much has been done since I went away, the tender plants have been put away in the nursery for the winter, tender shrubs and trees have been given their fleece protection and statues have been given their blue plastic covering. A lot of work was done in the long border in the Italian Garden, all the plants have been lifted and stored and the ground dug over and manured. The new planting plan has not yet been finalised.

All the bulbs have been planted, about 2,000 tulips, mostly white, 470 narcissi, 1,500 camassias mostly white and blue, alliums, grape hyacinths and crocuses. So I missed out on one of my favourite jobs, the bulb planting. I suppose that will teach me not to go off to Southern California for a month as all the action was really here at Mount Stewart.



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