Spooky happenings in the gardens

Wednesday 31 October 2012

The Cemetery Bride. (I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but it is really Rachel Hart, Events Manager)

Hallowe’en Enchanted Garden in Mount Stewart. Lots a scary fun, illuminated gardens, an enchanted tree trail with skeletons and ghosts (we were scared even during the day), dancing to the stilt walking Skeleton Samba Band, bodies hanging from trees, bonfires and braziers. A lot of screaming, this was from the visitors.

Work today – autumn clearing along the path to Reception, dead heading, weeding, sweeping leaves, this is never ending in the autumn and will probably have to be done again next week. Lots of work done in the nursery, pricking out Delphinium elatum Major Crombies strain (these were put on the heated bench), potting on Amicia zygomestris, Hydrangea Renee Steineger, Lavender Munstead, Tradescantia Purple Sabre, and Salvia Blepharophylla. I think we are expected to remember all these names. A lot of sorting out was done in the heated glass house – some plants put on the heated bench, others on a bench to be kept quite dry, more on a bench that would need to be kept quite damp, we were learning a lot from Alan (Propagator). This glass house has been fitted completely with bubble wrap, walls and roof and a heater kept on permanently, a lovely place to work.



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