A new plant bed for the Mairi garden

Wednesday 3 October 2012

New bed being made at far end of Mairi Garden, right of dovecote.

Not a very exciting photograph but it is always interesting to see a new bed being made right from the beginning. Six trailer loads of top soil and horse manure were dug in (no, we were not doing this. Phew). The first we heard of this was when we were kidnapped and driven up to the nursery. We thought we were going to do nice little plantey things as usual. But no, we were digging out hefty plants for this new bed. When I say we, it was Wilf who had to do the digging (we could have done this and would have been able but didn’t have all day, see Diary 5 Sept. second item). We hauled them onto the trolleys and filled up three Gator loads of Hostas, Filipendula and Kirengeshoma. Brunnera has also been mentioned. These are all damp loving, shade tolerant plants. We would love to have had time to plant up these but I’m sure it will all be done by next Wednesday.



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