The exotic plants are starting to germinate!

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Cactus Dahlia ‘Grenidor Pastelle’. Italian Garden.
I hadn’t seen the Italian Garden for weeks so had to go and see what was going on. There were so many stunning dahlias it was difficult to choose one but the subtle colours of this one are wonderful.

Another great day working in the nursery pricking out more special exotic plants.

Cassia Fistula. The golden shower tree. Grows to 10 – 20 metres. Has racemes of yellow flowers. Southern Asia. Only one of these germinated so it got individual treatment.

Grevillea robusta. Silky Oak. Grows to 30 metres. Golden orange bottlebrush-like flowers. Australia. Only 3 germinated so they were handled with great care.

Erythrina crista-galli. 5 – 8 metres. Small deciduous tree with racemes of deep scarlet pea-like flowers. Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay. Only 2 germinated.

These are all still in the propagating house. I think I am in danger of becoming a bit nerdie with these special plants but they are fascinating and it is very exciting to imagine the tiny 1 and 2 inch plants becoming trees and large shrubs. I wondered if I would be around to see them fully grown and flowering but Alan, Propagator, a very kind and diplomatic man, said of course I would.



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