Basking in the glory

Wednesday 22 August 2012

No, the volunteers were not posing for this photo.

We really were working that hard all morning, seven of us today working around the main entrance area to the gardens and the Garden shop. I don’t think I need to describe everything we were doing, the backbreaking work is there for all to see and everyone knows I never exaggerate.

There were a lot of visitors from the cruise ship, the Hebredian Princess, which is docked in Belfast. They came from everywhere, just loving our gardens. Some Americans thanking us for keeping the gardens so beautiful, (we never mentioned the real gardeners who do all the work), we just basked in their praise.

Took a walk up to the nursery to visit the little exotic plants potted up last week (see last week’s diary), they have grown about half an inch. Yea! I can see myself taking a lot of lunch-time walks to visit them.



One thought on “Basking in the glory

  1. Hello Jill can you help me identify a beautifully scented shrub used as hedging/edging in the sunken garden? The flowers were small and white and the plant looked a bit like broom or gorse. We arrived at 5pm ( on hols last week) and had to dash around the gardens – no chance to collar somebody helpful!
    Would really appreciate your help as would like to buy plant for our garden as reminder of great hol in NI
    best wishes

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