Wishing the day away

Wednesday 10 August 2012

Magnolia delavayi. Flowers in July and August when other magnolias have finished. From China, creamy 8 – 10 inch flowers. Located in the Lily Wood. Thanks to Lesley McCauley for the wonderful photograph.

Most of the planting seems to be finished for a while so we are on to the maintenance work. On the Dodo Terrace clearing, brushing, dead heading, weeding and generally tidying up. The new, very large pots in the Mairi Garden need a lot of watering so that took up a lot of time.

Was topping up the water in the Mairi Garden fountain when a penniless five-year-old entrepreneur came over and asked if the money in the fountain was for him. No, sorry. Could he make a wish without throwing a coin in? Well, he could have a try. Did I have any money I could give him? No, sorry, not allowed. Would his wish come true if he took a coin from the fountain and threw it back in really, really quickly? Oh give it a bash but wishes don’t always come true, you know. I trust you, he said.



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