Sowing the seeds

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Seeds neatly labeled and covered with vermiculite

A different job today. Working with Alan in the Nursery sowing seeds of exotic plants – Albizia julibrissin rosea (fern-like large shrub, pink), Isoplexis isabelliana (claw-like flowers, orange/yellow) and Strelitzia reginae (Bird of Paradise, orange/yellow) being just three of the dozens sown.

The seeds, which had been soaked in water overnight, were sown in half New Horizon organic, peat-free seed and cutting compost and half vermiculite. This mixture was flattened down carefully in 4” pots and the seeds placed on top. Some of the seeds looked like pieces of fluff, others like caterpillars and pieces of pink tissue paper. These were covered with a layer of sieved vermiculite, watered with a fine rose and covered with clean Perspex.This Perspex will be turned once a day to stop too much moisture dropping on the seeds, then watered once a week.

These were put in the propagating greenhouse, which has 50% green netting on the overhead glass for some shade. Some of the seeds will take 3 months to germinate and can take up to three or more years to flower. Sorry, have I gone on a bit?  It was very interesting.



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