Those pesky animals…

Wednesday 11 July 2012

These balusters had become entwined by the wisteria on the South Terrace over many years. High winds during the winter blew them, and the balustrade, off the wall and left them hanging in mid air, still attached to the main wisteria. Quite a sight. They have now been cut off from the wisteria and are on the ground underneath. What can be rescued will be and the rest will be made to replace. The wisteria is still thriving.

We were working on the South Terrace trying to rescue the Triteleia Queen Fabiola (a very pretty blue flower) which had been dug up either by squirrels or pheasants. We gathered up the bulbs with the flowers still attached and planted them deeper and watered them in. We will have to check them next week, it didn’t look too promising. Tidied up all the beds and Terrace.

In the afternoon we pricked out 100 Aquilegia Longissima in the nursery.



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