It’s getting warmer, time for some new exotic plants!

Wednesday 30 May 2012

Rosa ‘William Lobb’ (also known as ‘Duchesse D’Istrie’). Moss rose, very rich scent, to be found at house end of Dodo Terrace, just follow your nose.

Some of the exotic plants brought back by Neil from Wales were being planted at the pergola in the Sunk Garden. We planted Dactylicapnos macrocapnos (climber, yellow), Apios Americano, Cobea splendens and Dicentra macrocapnos (yellow). Planted with lots of Mount Stewart compost and well mulched.

We removed the white tulips from the containers in the Shamrock Garden. Usually these are discarded as they are not dependable the second year. Neil decided that this year he would try something different. The bulbs were fed about a month ago and the flower heads will be cut off to stop the nutrients going into seed formation. They will be hung up in nets in the poly tunnel to dry. He is then going to plant them in pots in the autumn.



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