We’re enjoying the sunshine, are you?

Wednesday 23 May 2012

This pheasant is very tame and joins us for lunch. A large crow hopped over to see what he was missing and I idly wondered what would happen if there was a fight. Everyone else thought the crow would win but my money was on the pheasant with the advantage of the dangerous red neck. If anyone has knowledge of pheasant versus crow I would love to know.

A very warm sunny day, perfect for all the planting. A lot of Pelargonium ‘Attar of Roses’  (wonderful scent) went into beds leading from car park to Reception. I started to list the plants we were putting into recently emptied Italian Garden but thought as there were so many I would wait until they were all planted and then list them. This planting has been going on for weeks and should be completed quite soon.

A new group of Steps-to-Work has just started and will be here for six months. I always try to remember their names but by the time I have they are off to new ventures. This group is – David, James, Peter, Aaron, Claire and John. So there was great activity everywhere, some of them very sunburned and a couple of aching backs from yesterday. Do they know what is ahead of them?



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