Mount Stewart gardens have some competition!

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Doreen’s garden. Wednesday volunteers – Norma, Rosemary, Olive, Doreen, Wilf, Pat and Rosemary.

Mount Stewart is sometimes known as one of the Jewels in the Crown of the National Trust. Well, there is another Jewel just outside Newtownards, not as large (one acre) but very impressive, beautiful and well loved. Doreen, a Wednesday volunteer, invited the other Wednesday volunteers to go and visit her garden at lunch time (more skiving). We wondered if we should bring our secateurs and trowels but no, there was no hidden agenda.

She says it is not a designed garden but a very personal garden which has evolved as her knowledge and love of plants has grown. It is completely organic and she uses her homemade compost. It is the most wonderful garden to wander around with very large beds with hundreds of tulips, exotic plants and shrubs as well as more common ones all planted closely together. Doreen has collected an enormous variety of shrubs and plants and keeps having to make new flowerbeds.

She also has a vegetable garden, greenhouse, summerhouse, pond, fruit trees, wooden arches and compost bays. Even with all this it most certainly is not cluttered, just very restful for a wander. All this and chocolate cake and sun. Perfect afternoon. Thank you Doreen. I know this is nothing to do with Mount Stewart but it was part of the day in the life of a Mount Stewart Volunteer. None of us would have met each other if we hadn’t been volunteers at Mount Stewart.



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