A sea of white tulips

Wednesday 25 April 2012

White tulips in the Sunk Garden

This year, for the first time, all the tulips in the Gardens are white (except for an odd rogue). I took a wander, after my day’s work, to have a look. Thousands were planted in the Sunk Garden, in troughs under the pergola, in the Spanish Garden, along the Dodo Terrace, in all the pots on the Terrace and in the Shamrock Garden. Everywhere you looked there were white tulips. They look wonderful and seem to bring all of the formal gardens together in a peaceful, serene and magical way.

Rosemary and I were working with Alan in the nursery potting on plugs of Coleus ‘Display’, Coleus Colissima ‘Raspberry’, Euphorbia ‘Ruby Charm’, Mimulus ‘Highland Red’ and Pelargonium Pelgardini ‘Mrs Pollock’. Some of these will be planted in the gardens and some will be for sale in the Garden Shop. All the volunteers love working in the nursery and we actually had to toss up for who would have the day there. We worked at the speed of light so that Alan would ask for ‘that amazingly speedy pair’ the next time he needed someone to help.



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