There’s some serious planting going on in the Italian Garden

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Trillium grandiflorum. Lily Wood.
I go looking for this every year and only once was disappointed when it had been completely blackened by an overnight frost.

Today was serious planting day in the Italian Garden. First of all we dug up hundreds of Hermodactylus tuberosus (Widow iris) which had been planted randomly around the yew trees about five years ago. We gathered some of them into groups of about ten and replanted them. Dianthus Barbatus ‘albus’, Dianthus Barbatus ‘deschberg’ and Antirrhinum majus ‘flavee’ were also planted around the two yew trees. On the raised beds we planted Gaillardia ‘Mesa yellow’, Eryngium planum ‘blue glitter’, Rudbeckia hirta and Correopsis presto. Hundreds of plants went in so hopefully it will be amazing.



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