Spot the volunteers

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Spot the volunteers. Doreen is offering a prize to who can spot the most volunteers. The prize being a day’s weeding at Mount Stewart.

Today’s job was working on the beds along the entrance path from the car park to Reception. The three most dreaded weeds in Mount Stewart are Oxalis, Symphytum and Ground Elder. Well, the three had combined in mighty splendour along the bed and I just wanted to go home and drink tea and eat chocolate cake. This was no trowel and bucket work, it was forks and wheelbarrows and a lot of huffing and puffing. Most of it was working under trees and bushes so we are not sure how many of us were there.

A lot of visitors as it was school holidays, lots of children having a good time.



One thought on “Spot the volunteers

  1. this blog looks like good fun, I used to go to Kircubbin with my parents when I was child and remember going to Mt Stewart and my father had a friend Mervyn Kerr who used to work there. I visited there in 1996 with my daughter & enjoyed my visit if I get another trip back N.Ireland will will take my hubby there to visit. Do you know if any Kerrs…Eric, Brian, Kathleen, Roberta, David would still live in the area. I live in Australia now migrated in ’59 with family.

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