Welcoming in the new arrivals

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Some of the new stock that Neil and Lisa collected from Wales a couple of weeks ago are being brought down from the nursery. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a truck-load of goodies trundling down the path. Moths to a flame we were all over to have a look. Planting of these unusual trees and shrubs has already started and someone is going to be busy watering them in this dry weather.

Paul and Neil unloading the precious new stock

We were working in the nursery planting on plugs of Dahlia Bishop of Oxford and Salvia patens Cambridge Blue into 4inch pots. These were being planted in organic multi purpose compost with approx. 10% added vermiculite. This was being done in the polytunnel and naturally it was the hottest day of the year so we had to keep going outside to cool off. We worked in a conveyor belt system, one cleaning the pots, one filling them, one putting the plants in and another doing the labeling. We got hundreds done so no wonder we had to keep going out for air.



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