New arrivals in the Italian garden

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Poles in the Italian Garden

As you can imagine there have been many suggestions put forward for the use for these poles. However, the decision has already been made to have them clothed in wonderful climbing plants such as clematis and roses. There is at least one in each bed so they will look amazing as well as very unusual. These are Larch trees from Mount Stewart which were put into the ground with an auger, a tool with a bit shaped like a corkscrew for boring holes in the ground. Four to five feet was needed to put the trees in place but stony ground at three feet meant that a crow bar had to be used to finish off the pilot holes. All this heavy work was carried out by Paddy, Graham and John from Steps-to-Work.

We were bulb planting in the Sunk Garden today. 125 Galtonia candicans (3 – 4 ft. white pendant, tubular flowers, late summer) along two sides of each of the four beds. Already planted last week are Gladiolus ‘Esta Bonita’ (pale orange), Gladiolus ‘Topaz’ (peachy orange) and Gladiolus ‘Carthago’ (orange/scarlet).



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