Sourcing new plants for our gardens

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Some of the new 2,000 plants brought over from Wales last week

This may not look all that exciting but it is an amazing collection of trees, shrubs and plants that Neil and Lisa went over to Wales to collect last week. Wonderful names such as Ampelopsis megalophylla to Maianthemum flexuosum and Schefflera aff.brevipedicelleta to Tripterygium regelii v. occidentale. Will we ever learn the names? Patricia had spent nearly two days moving them all into the polytunnel and was fussing around them like a mother hen, worrying because a very cold night has been forecast. The planting of these will start quite soon in all areas. We, the volunteers, hope that we will be part of this.

The Gardens open to the public at the end of this week so there was great activity everywhere. We were working in the pergola area making it all look pretty good. The re-turfing in the Sunk Garden has been finished and looks wonderful. Re-planting the Mairi Garden and the Italian Garden is continuing. Bad patches on the lawns have been temporarily re-turfed. Spring flowers, shrubs and trees bursting out everywhere. What a wonderful time of the year at Mount Stewart.



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