Preparing the Sunken garden for the new season

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Patrick Kelly and David Robinson rolling up the old grass

The lawn in the Sunk Garden is being re-turfed and the contractors were in last week to cut it into strips ready for removal. Patrick and David, Steps to Work gardeners, were rolling it up to bring to the nursery to make a loam stack. Several layers of turf and loam break down over time and create a soil-based compost. The lawn was compacted, infested with moss and beyond practical renovation. The new lawn should be laid within the next few weeks and will be a hard-wearing variety due to the number of visitors we receive. New drainage will be put in as the old ones have collapsed. (Thank you, Paul, for details on this.)

We were working with Lisa clearing the winter debris from the beds surrounding the Mairi Garden and on the Fountain Walk. We were getting ready to go home at our usual time when Wilf’s glasses were flicked off by a springy rose branch into the undergrowth. Half an hour later we were still searching until Norma decided to use the rake. Hey presto. A second attempt to go home was thwarted by Rosemary losing her secateurs. Eventually Norma came to the rescue again and found them in the dump where they had been dumped with a barrow-load of weeds. It was nearly bedtime when we got home. I think we need a Minder.



2 thoughts on “Preparing the Sunken garden for the new season

  1. Hi Jill. I’m enjoying getting your blog directly to my email inbox and it is interesting to hear what you are up to. Rosemary can rest assured she is not the only one whose secateurs go walkabout so if anyone sees a green handled pair please send them back to me!
    Robin, Martin and I had a grand day yesterday (Tuesday) helping clear and burn the laurel undergrowth in the woods above the lake. William and Patricia from the Tech have been working hard on it for months as a prevention against the phytophthera ramora disease and I’m sure we all still smell of wood smoke today.

  2. I’m surprised you could find your way home…..obviously Lisa was making you work too hard…you were all mentally and physically exhausted.

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