Volunteering to help earn your Duke of Edinburgh award

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Lucy, Lauren & Lucy from Strathearn School, Belfast

Lucy, Lauren and Lucy, all 4th year students at Strathearn School in Belfast, are working for their Duke of Edinburgh award at Mount Stewart doing General Volunteering. They have chosen gardening as their project and they have to fit in coming to Mount Stewart in their spare time. This will probably be half terms, Easter, Saturdays and whatever other days they can slot In. At the end of their time they will have to do a presentation with photographs and notes on the work they have done. Today they were working with the regular volunteers in the Nursery propagating area.

We were all pricking out Antirrhinums ‘Orange Wonder’, Dianthus Barbatus ‘Newport’ (pink) and Dianthus Barbatus ‘Newport’ albus. The seeds had been sown in the autumn and kept in the greenhouse. These were being pricked out into small modules in organic, peat-free, multi purpose compost with some Vermiculite added. We got through about 1,500 plants and some of these will be planted in the Gardens and some will be sold in the Garden Shop. Lucy, Lauren and Lucy worked hard and I think they liked their Mount Stewart caps as they wore them all day, back-to-front, naturally.



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