Quercus x hispanica ‘Lucombeana’ (Lucombe Oak)

Wednesday 11 January 2012

It was lovely being back to work at Mount Stewart after a long Christmas break but this is what we saw on the lawn at the front of the House.

Lucombe Oak Tree (c) Neil Porteous, Head of Gardens, Northern Ireland

This oak tree blew down during the high winds on 3rd Jan 2012. The Lucombe Oak was originally raised in a nursery in Exeter by Mr Lucombe in 1762 and this specimen was 190 years old. It is unusual in that it keeps its leaves over winter and the fact that it is evergreen would have made it more vulnerable to the gusts of high wind. It is quite shocking to see a tree that has been there for 190 years lying on the ground. This is going to be replaced with the same Lucombe Oak in the Spring.

The good news is that it is planned that the bulk of the wood will be used by woodcarver and wood turner Geoff Tulip of Tulipwood Crafts to make items for the gift shop at Mount Stewart.



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