Doreen taking the challenge

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Only two volunteers on duty today, doing something different. Jonathan’s aim in life is to keep the volunteers from getting bored. So there we were cutting down trees in the area behind the pump house, beside the lake. At least, Doreen was doing all the sawing while I leaned on the trees with one hand, pointed them in the right direction and pretended I was helping. Doreen is amazing at rising to a challenge and will do anything that is suggested to her, while I just whimper and flap my hands a bit. Oh to be young.

Exciting plans are being made for this area behind the pump house (details about these plans to come later). A very large expanse is being cleared and as well as cutting down some trees we were cutting out dead branches, pulling out ivy, cutting away the lower two feet of foliage from the shrubs that are staying in place (to help prevent the spread of Phytophthora ramorum if it ever hits Mount Stewart, see Diary 5th Oct), and clearing away all the debris. A lot of work in this area has already been done over the last few weeks so our bit was just a drop in the ocean. But it was a very satisfying day so thank you, Jonathan, we were most definitely not bored.



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