Winter protection

Wednesday 7 December 2011

In Tir na n’Og today working with Jonathan. It has been decided this year to cover the plants and trees that are slightly tender or are susceptible to damage from the weight of snow, such as the date palms and olives, with fleece. We made bamboo wigwams for these olive trees, wrapped double thickness fleece around them and tied it in with wire.   Looks easy but is very fiddly as they will have to withstand the winds. We thought we should top them with a Christmas fairy but restrained ourselves. Last year, and the year before, the banana trees suffered badly in the icy temperature and were totally blackened but have sprouted again during the summer. These have also been protected this year with fleece.

Other tenders, such as the oranges, are in pots and have been moved inside. Dahlias have all been dug up and brought inside and will be kept dry until Spring. Aeoniums are all safely under cover. So that just leaves us, the gardeners and volunteers, not quite so tender, out in the freezing cold.



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