Preparing for the Winter

Wednesday 2 November 2011

The Gardens are now closed to the public so the winter work has begun. We were taking out all the pelargoniums from the pots on the Dodo Terrace and bringing them up to the Nursery along with Artemesia from the Spanish Garden. Doreen and Wilf were working with Danielle in the Nursery pricking out Dianthus barbatus, grown from seed by Danielle in the summer. These will be kept in the greenhouse overwinter and some of them will be planted out in the Gardens and some will be sold in the Plant shop.

Aeonium ‘Zwartkop’. These tender plants were taken out of the pots in the Spanish Garden to overwinter in a frost-free place in the Nursery.

After lunch we planted 100 lilies, Lilium speciosum album in the Lily Wood, white flowers with purple stems, flowering late summer. These were planted 4” deep and about 12” apart. The large bed had been newly manured and mulched so it will be stunning. This is the exciting time of the year for the volunteers and we all love it.



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