Digging out the Mairi Garden

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Exciting new plans have been made for the Mairi Garden. The ‘Steps to Work’ team has been working hard at this for the past week digging out about 12 inches of the very impacted soil. Four layers of manure and soil have been put in, the first layer manure, then soil, then more manure and finally a layer of soil. All the plants have been dug out and sent up to the Nursery. Some of the old plants will be replanted and some new ones put in. They all have to be either blue or white in keeping with the history of the Mairi Garden and the final decision hasn’t been made yet. Can’t wait to see what new plants have been chosen.

The ‘Steps to Work’ team working in the Mairi Garden.

Luckily we were not asked to join in this heavy work. We were digging up all the dahlias from the Sunk and Italian Gardens and sending them up to the Nursery for the winter. We started mulching under the yew tree in the Italian Garden but disturbed a wasp’s nest in the wall surrounding the tree so had to abandon the mulching.



One thought on “Digging out the Mairi Garden

  1. When I look at your photo of the work in progress in the Mairi garden, I am a little envious, as I’m building quite a large series of show borders at the back of my garden centre, with just me the builder and a mini digger. I wish I had all those workers to help me, not to mention the manure.
    I will definitely have to get to Mount Stewart next year to see how it all turned out.

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