Mairi garden

Wednesday 21 September 2011

The fountain in the Mairi Garden is under repair this week. The original water feeder pipe has always been too small to supply water to all the ‘silver bells and cockle shells’ on the fountain statue so it only worked on two of the bells. The statue has been removed and a new larger reservoir has been installed underground with a larger feeder pipe. Can’t wait to see the result. Sam Thompson has been working on this and hopes to have it finished this week.

We were working on the outer beds of the Mairi Garden, clearing everything away for the winter. Very heavy downpours, some stalwarts worked through them but two delicate flowers, who shall remain nameless, had to take refuge in the dovecote. Well, at least we kept dry in there.

Cautleya spicata. Rhizomatous perennial, in late summer produces stiff spikes of 2-lipped yellow flowers on red stems. In Italian Garden, worth looking for.

Actaea pachypoda. Late summer, white berries each with a black eye, hence the pet name of Doll’s Eyes. In the Italian Garden.



One thought on “Mairi garden

  1. Keep your fountain safe when freezing nights arrive. Drain it, of course, and remove the pump and all fittings. Allow to dry if possible and cover with a blanket and plastic to keep water and snow out. Check occasionally throughout the winter to be sure the plastic is still in place and no leaks have sprung up..

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