Peace Garden

Wednesday 3 August 2011

A very unusual hydrangea, worth looking for along the drive

We were working with David today in the Peace Garden. It lives up to the name as it is quiet, windless and sheltered. We were doing the usual summer maintenance, weeding and digging up the eternal oxalis which plagues Mount Stewart. David was untangling the bindweed without disturbing the roots, twisting it up into a ball, putting it all into a plastic bag and treating it with glyphosate which kills most weeds down to the roots.
The Peace Garden is essentially the family pet burial ground. Edith, Lady Londonderry had an extensive and varied collection of pets and their names are recorded on the wall between the Italian and Peace Gardens, close to the Dodo Terrace. There were many dogs over the years at Mount Stewart. Sorba was a special one who hunted rabbits and brought them into the house and hid them behind the cushions. There was a sulphur cockatoo who lived to nearly 60 and a scarlet macaw who flew free and waited in the eucalyptus tree for his attacks on hapless delivery men at the back door.

Thanks to Win Linton for information on Peace Garden.



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