New drainage system in the Lily Wood

Wednesday 24 August 2011

The start of a new drainage system being developed at Mount Stewart at the edge of the Lily Wood.

The ground in the Lily Wood has become very impacted over the years and this new drainage system will help to stop the flooding that is now a big problem. The area was cleared by Ian Marshall, the Monday volunteers and two of the “Steps to Work” people last week. Sam Thompson then brought in a digger to make the drain. It is going to be about 200 metres long with 80 metres of it being filled with quarry stones and perforated drainage pipes and covered over. The other 120 metres will be filled with quarry stones and left open and looked at again next year.

Thanks to Ian and Sam for details.

Workwise eight of us were on the East terrace. We were cutting back the hundreds of lavender plants which have finished flowering, each plant had to be cut with secateurs and shaped into a mound. Time consuming but the scent of the lavender sent us into a bit of a stupor. Lovely. We were also tidying up all the beds, dead-heading roses, clearing weeds and leaves. A lot of visitors really enjoying the warm balmy day.



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